1 year Diploma in Karmkand – कर्मकांड डिप्लोमा (Hindu Ritual Diploma)

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  • 10 वीं ,12 वीं कक्षा के प्रमाण पत्र ,आधार कार्ड ,पासपोर्ट फोटो ,हस्ताक्षर ।


  • Online And Offline Study

Target audiences

  • High school, Sanskrit students, Shastri, Acharya Degree

Diploma in Karmkand or Paurohitya is a special course designed to follow the Hindu Rituals. The duration of this course is 1 year. Paurohitya implies1 something in Hinduism, Sanskrit. In the event that you need to know the definite importance, history, historical underpinnings or English interpretation of this term at that point look at the depictions on this page. Add your remark or reference to a book on the off chance that you need to add to this rundown article. Human life is a genuine case of issues and snags. There is no minute when an individual is sans strain. The human body and psyche must be cleaned from time to time to make our life calm. Like we clear and floor brush our workplaces and home a few times each day yet they get messy over and over, a similar way our body and psyche must be cleaned all the time.

As indicated by our sages and the educated individuals these issues are our very own aftereffect karma. Like the manner in which our introduction to the world and demise are predetermined by our karma, a similar way our voyage and deterrents in life are foreordained by our karma.


  • The applicant with a minimum of 50% in 12th or  Graduation with the Sanskrit  subject (under 10+2+3 scheme) from a recognized University.


Diploma in Karmkand Can be done after 12th Class/Uttar Madhyama .

Common names of this Diploma are Hindu Rituals /Purohitam

this is one year diploma ,

Graduation in Sanskrit/Shastri and one year diploma in Karmkand is must for the application in Army JCO RT .

Syllabus of Diploma in Karmand/कर्मकांड डिप्लोमा is As follows :

ऋषिकुल संस्कृत महाविद्यालय, गुरुग्राम

पौरोहित्य एवं कर्मकाण्ड  पाठ्यक्रम

पूजनपद्धतिक्रम:      कुल अंक : – 100

समय :- 3 घण्टे         सैद्धांतिक:- 80   आंतरिक मूल्यांकन:-20 अङ्क 

प्रथमपत्रम् :- पवित्रीकरण –





स्वस्तिवाचनम् शान्तिपाठ:




दिक्शुद्धि: (पौराणिक)




षोडशोपचारपूजनविधि: –





सहायकग्रन्थ :- नित्यकर्मपूजाप्रकाश, गीताप्रेस |

द्वितीयपत्रम् :- गणेशगौरीपूजनम् –









गङ्गालहरीस्तोत्रम्, कनकधारास्तोत्रम्

दीपावलीपूजनम्, सत्यनारायणपूजनम्


नित्यकर्मपूजाप्रकाश, गीताप्रेस

सर्वदेवपूजापद्धति: एवं सर्वसामान्य ज्योतिषविचार:, प्रो. हरिहर त्रिवेदी

सहायकग्रन्थ :- श्रुतिप्रयोगसंग्रह:, डॉ. गोपालप्रसाद शर्मा |

तृतीयापत्रम् :- संध्योपासनम्, तर्पणविधि: सामान्य पंचांगादिपरिज्ञान – तिथि, वार, नक्षत्र, योग, करण, राशि, अग्निवास, आहुतिशुद्धि:

सहायकग्रन्थ :- नित्यकर्मपूजाप्रकाश, गीताप्रेस |

चतुर्थपत्रम् :- हवनविधि: – यज्ञपात्र परिचय सहित – पंचभूसंस्कार एवं कुशकण्डिका

सहायकग्रन्थ :- कर्मकाण्डभास्कर, उत्तरप्रदेशसंस्कृतसंस्थान, लखनऊ |

पंचपत्रम् :- मौखिक / प्रायोगिक |


Yes Students can go through the Online Assessment for those student who are from far states. and want to learn hindu rituals.
We as a Sanskrit Mahavidyalay issue this Certification with the resolution/permission of our society run this Gurukul which is The Shreya Foundation. There is not any role of University in this Course.
UGC Never gives any kind of Permission, approval or recognition to run any diploma courses neither to the university nor to the college. UGC only gives approval for the Degree Courses like Graduation ,Post Graduation to Universities. Any Registered society/Trust/Institution can run short term course (Non technical) with the permission of its governing body. Our institution is working in this sector since a long time. our Governing body passed a resolution in 2020 and since then we are offering these traditional courses like Karmkand, Vastu, Jyotish , Meditation, Yog etc.
Many of our students has been selected as a RT JCO in Indian Army and many in other posts. However we cannot guarantee appointment based on this certificate only. there are other criteria also .So it Depends on Army Officers what they want.Sometimes Army officers are asking for UGC recognized diploma which is not possible since UGC never gives any kind of approval for diploma course.So it is entirely depend on Their Consideration.

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