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Last Updated : 04-01-2021
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Diploma in Astrology is an ideal course for candidates with a strong inclination towards Astrology and Numerology. During the course, they’ll be introduced to the basics of Astrology, the effects of planets position on zodiac signs and everything related to horoscopes.

With a Diploma in Astrology, candidates can become astrologers, numerologists, face readers, tarot card readers and more depending solely on the areas of their interests. The annual average salary of Diploma in Astrology candidates ranges from INR 2,00,000 to INR 6,00,000 for freshers and increases as they gain experience to become seasoned professionals in their chosen career path.

Diploma in Astrology: Syllabus

Paper 1 Paper 2
General Astrology Signs and Planet’s Characteristics and Significations
Origin and Introduction to Universe Macro and Micro Cosmos Further Information about Planets- Planetary Limbs, Shape and Nature
Introduction to Astrology Planetary bodies, Planetary periods, Diseases caused by Planets
History of Astrology Friendship and Enmity amongst planets
Astrology and its Originality Planetary aspects
Sages of Astrology Benefic and malefic planets for different lagnas
Paper 3 Paper 4
Natural Characteristics and Zodiac Signs Sanskrit
Forms and Types of Horoscopes Book-1 (Vibha)
Classification of Signs
Significance of Planets
Planetary Relationships
Houses and their Natural Significations
Job Prospects

Diploma in Astrology: Job Prospects

Diploma in Astrology opens up numerous opportunities in the field of astrology. The candidate on completion of the course can either work as a full time or part time astrologer, numerologist, face reader, mind reader, palmist, fortune teller etc, on the basis of their area of interest. There are many astrology centers and agencies who hire freshers as well as experienced astrologers. Also candidates, over the period of time after gaining experience as well as with the right amount of capital can have their own set up and work independently.

Job Title Description Average Salary
Astrologist Studies and understands the position of planets and other celestial bodies of the universe along with reading horoscope with an aim to make correct predictions of the solutions as per the requirement of the clients INR 2 LPA – INR 5 LPA
Numerologist Studies numbers and numeric patterns associated to event, name and date of birth of a person with an aim to draw pseudo scientific inferences in order to forecast near future INR 3 LPA – INR 7 LPA
Mind reader Reads mind using different techniques in order to find out the hidden facts associated to that person INR 2 LPA – INR 4 LPA
Palmist Reading palm lines to predict future and provide solutions for the problems and misfortunes of the client in present date INR 1 LPA – INR 5 LPA
Tarot Card Reader Predicts past, present and future by reading tarot cards which are chosen by the client. INR 3 LPA – INR 5 LPA
Astrology guru A seasoned astrologer who teaches the next generation of astrologers the study of astrology. These can work either in institutions or independently. INR 4 LPA – INR 5 LPA
Freelance Astrologer Works independently as an astrologer either along with a job or some other career option. INR 1 LPA – INR 3 LPA
Future Scope

Diploma in Astrology: Future Scope

  • A Diploma in Astrology has a lot to offer. Astrology has a great demand in indian markets as well as beyond india as it is gaining momentum across the globe. Whether a commoner or a celebrity, everyone is shifting towards finding an astrological way towards finding an answer ‘to what future holds’.
  • Candidates on successful completion of the course can either become an astrologist, numerologist, tarot card reader etc or take up more fulfilling and full time structured courses like BA Astrology then MA Astrology.
  • There are no boundaries or restrictions as one can opt to work independently or along with a guru (mentor) and learn and grow into the best version of themselves in terms of astrology.

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